Contextual Learning Concepts of Loveland High School, Colorado developed AMPED as a new way of teaching Algebra 1 as a contextualized STEM course. 
Students learn the common core Algebra 1 curriculum through natural progression learning about the engineering cycle: product development; the running of a student developed business; manufacturing actual products for a market.
  • Algebra 1 classes have one of the highest failure rates of any math class. 
  • Teachers realize that this creates major problems for students who are required to have higher levels of math to graduate high school.  
  • The AMPED course provides a new solution.

Algebra 1 in Manufacturing Processes, Entrepreneurship, and Design

   Features of AMPED:
  • Covers all Algebra 1 Common Core standards
  • Students design and create real products
  • Team taught between the CTE and Math departments
  • Open to students of all ability levels
  • Provides a practical answer to the question "When am I ever going to use this math?"

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AMPED Professional Development training was provided to math and CTE teachers from NSERVE districts in August 2016.