Geometry in Construction
Geometry in Construction is a course developed by Contextual Learning Concepts of Loveland High School, Colorado as a new method of teaching geometry in high schools. The class is taught collaboratively between the CTE and math departments  as a Math-in-CTE model. This curriculum integration enhances math that is embedded in CTE course content. Students learn geometry as a part of a practical experiential course. 

NSERVE has provided the professional development training for teachers in our region. The grants secured by NSERVE for our schools help provide the tools, machines and materials for schools to implement this course.

Geometry in Construction is currently offered at Evanston Township High School and Maine East High School and will likely be offered at Glenbrook High Schools and New Trier High Schools in the near future.

Geometry in Construction
Key features and successes
  • Provides the Geometry Common Core Curriculum
  • Collaboratively taught by the Math and CTE departments
  • Practical way of learning geometry
  • Evanston Township High School has constructed two houses which were used in their community
  • Maine East collaborated with Habitat for Humanity to build a house
  • Students develop many practical skills which will help them throughout their life
  • The course teaches other skills such as teamwork and safety
  • The projects teach the importance of community and social conscience