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NSERVE Vision: Connecting Academics to the World of Work

NSERVE Mission Statement:
The Mission of NSERVE is to help students acquire the knowledge and skills to meet the challenges of a world characterized by unpredictability and constant change by:

  • Providing a marketplace for ideas

  • Sharing Resources and programs

  • Creating Linkages among education, business, and the community

  • Providing a vehicle for students to explore a range of career opportunities

  • Promoting Excellence in teaching and learning

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Meet the NSERVE staff


Amy Kastory Executive Director

Amy Kastory is the Executive Director of NSERVE.

Previously, Amy worked for Chicago Public Schools supporting career and technical education in almost 80 high schools. She has a deep knowledge of the Illinois teacher licensure system and new Perkins legislation. In addition, she is the System Directors Leadership Council Secretary and a member of many CTE professional organizations such as ACTE, IACTE and ICTA.

Amy is a frequent presenter at regional, state and national conferences, as well as an avid runner, cyclist, and fan of White Sox baseball.

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Julie Matthews Executive Assistant

Julie Matthews joined NSERVE as the Executive Administrative Assistant in August 2023. Prior to working at NSERVE, Julie worked as Maine West High School's Testing Coordinator within the Career and College Resource Center. It was through this position that Julie realized her passion for student career exploration.

Julie is originally from the Southwest suburbs and like Amy, is a Chicago White Sox fan. In her free time, Julie likes to read, walk her dogs, and spend time with her husband.

School Districts served by NSERVE

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