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The best way of learning about anything is by doing - Richard Branson

Learning Math with CTE

The Math-in-CTE model provides opportunities for math and CTE teachers to team teach, showing students where math intersects in real world applications. The age-old question of "Why do I need to learn this?" is answered by teaching difficult math concepts in a practical and experiential way.

Geometry in Construction and AMPED training was sponsored by NSERVE at New Trier High School in June 2022.
For more information about these programs, contact
Contextual Learning Concepts at

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Geometry in Construction

Geometry in Construction is a course developed by Contextual Learning Concepts in Colorado.  The class is taught collaboratively between a math teacher and a CTE teacher. Several schools in the NSERVE region offer this program. 

Click below to learn more:

Evanston High School

New Trier High School

Maine High Schools

Glenbrook High Schools


A.M.P.E.D. is an acronym for 

Algebra in Manufacturing Processes, Entrepreneurship, & Design.

Also developed by Contextual Learning Concepts from Colorado, this course helps students with Algebra 1, which has one of the highest failure rates of any math class.  Also team taught between the math and CTE teachers, and applicable to students of all ability levels, students learn about product development, manufacturing, and the running of a business.

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